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As Many of you have probably noticed, the server is currently whitelisted and this is for a simple reason as it is still under creation, we have created most of the server now, but we are still setting up plugins and building things.

The Opening date is currently unavailable because we have no idea when we will finish the server but we do hope for it to be in the next Month after i have gone on holiday.



Welcome to BrosCraft.


Broscraft was a server that closed in 2013 due to the original owners having moved on. It had many loyal players and one of the best communities you could find on any server. This, combined with its excellent staff was what made Broscraft truly special. As a project to work on over the summer I have taken it upon myself to revive this once legendary server and return it to its former glory. We hope to include all of the original events (and more) and have kept to the original fantasy/medieval theme on iconic floating islands.


I would first like to give to give credit to Assassin1400 for spending a lot of time on a huge spawn he’s been working on over the period of two months. Due to its immense size we felt it didn’t honour the original Broscraft server as well, so there will also be a smaller spawn in the void world and you will be able to vote for whichever one you feel is best.

Here is a preview of the Spawn Assassin1400 has Built:

Along with the Spawn we also have a handful of events that you may remember from “Bow and Arrow Spleef” to “Grass race” and the much loved “Wipeout”. We have implemented a team system where you can purchase and build your own team which will compete against other teams in teamed events (Such as the Bow and Arrow Spleef), here is a picture of the spleef arena:

Here is the Lobby:

In addition, we also have the famous Lucky bro Event. Newcomers may not be familiar with some of these older events. If that is the case there’s no reason to worry as each event is explained thoroughly at their lobby. Here is a picture of the re-envisioned Lucky bro:

As well as those, there is also the Wipeout, The Wipeout has been taken and edited from the Much Older Broscraft as i thought that the spawn and end were perfectly built, Here is the course:


With all servers, there needs to be enough donations in order to keep the server running smoothly, with the domain,, I spent a lot of my own money to get that domain which went to auction and that's why we ask for your good will donations which give you perks on our servers (Ranks), along with our server it also allows us to pay for advertisement and for us to be able to get a better Enjin plan on our website.


Currently we only have around 3 Members of Staff.

Myself, Yepadee and bthom

Should you wish to apply for staff, you can make the appropriate post in the staff application section on the forums where you can find a template.


VIP £7
Premium £14
Elite £25
Superior £50
Guardian £80
Legend £115
Oracle £155
Titan £220

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